那須ハイランドパーク VRスカイサイクル

VR Attraction / NASU HIGHLANDPARKー VR Sky Cycle


VR Skycycle is the world's first self-propelled VR attraction which was reopened in Nasu Highland Park in Tochigi Prefecture.
When you put on the headset, you enter a magical space with storybook visuals and spectacular views of the world. You can move through the virtual world at your own speed by pedaling on the sky cycle. Since the VR world and the actual course are linked, the sense of floating feels more realistic, creating a more fantastical experience.


・ VR / XR / アトラクション / VR サイクル
・ 那須ハイランドパーク
・ VR スカイサイクル